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To achieve the correct grip for putting seperate the hands slightly and align both thumbs down the centre of the shaft.
Begin by standing with your feet together pointing toward the ball. Move the foot nearest to the target one club head towards the target. Move the foot furthest from the target two club heads from the target.
Clap your hands together. Once together using your arms and shoulders, swing like a pendulum keeping the lower body steady. In your head say 'tick-tock' at the back and forward swing to develop a feel for rhythm.
Hold your arms out 'helicopter' style placing the hand nearest to the target on the club near the top of the handle; the other hand underneath but close together.
Place two tee pegs just wider than a putter heads width either side of the golf ball. When putting ensure your putter head tracks through the tee pegs ensuring your putter is working on the correct path.
Lean your weight slighty toward the foot nearest to the target. At the same time monitor that the handle of the club is opposite the insideof the leg nearest to the taregt by dropping it and checking where it falls (it should fall onto the inside of the thigh nearest to the target).
Use your hand-eye co-ordination to 'brush' the ground. This encourages the correct contact, hitting the bottom of the ball. 'Count to two' at the end of the swing to monitor balance and control.
Begin by holding your hands either side of the shaft and clap the shaft with the palms facing one another. Slide the hand furthest from the target down, close the fingers with the thumbs pointing down the centre of the shaft, but ensure that the hands are still close together.

Swing your hand furthest from the target as if shaking hands in the backswing and then pointing where they wish to go in the downswing. 

Once the feeling is gained use the same routine this time adding in the club.

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