DBS Checks

DBS Process

  1. If an individual requires a DBS check the club Secretary/Manager can verifier the individuals 3 forms of identification by completing a Documentary Evidence Verification form and sending into GUW offices with copies of documents.  
  2. Alternatively, face to face checks can be obtained at the Golf Development Wales Offices in Newport.
  3. The club MUST request sight of the disclosure from the individual concerned PRIOR to the individual being recruited.
  4. If there is a positive disclosure the Golf Safeguarding Action Group* (GSAG) Case Management Group** (CMG) will risk assess the disclosure and inform the club and individual of the recommended recruitment decision.

Alternative option

  1. The individual could send the disclosure directly to the Golf Union of Wales to be risk assessed by the GSAG Case Management Group (CMG) and the recommendation regarding recruitment from the RISK ASSESSMENT will be sent to the individual and to the club.

The process:

  • Helps organisation provide a sound recruitment process, thus improving safeguards.
  • Ensures that information goes to the person(s) who need to ensure effective risk management.
  • Arguably, could deter suitable volunteers who would not wish their peers to be aware of potentially sensitive information that may be disclosed but does not impact on child protection.

Alternative option:

  • Ensures an objective review of disclosure to assist with risk management.
  • Ensures there is no compromise regarding irrelevant personal information.


Any queries please contact Sian Simmons, Safeguarding Co-ordinator sian.simmons@golfunionwales.org


*Golf Union of Wales is a member of the Golf Safeguarding Action Group (GSAG), which consists of members from the golfing bodies across Great Britain and has been set up to help golf respond to the issue of child protection in sport.  Its mission is to safeguard the welfare of children and young people, as well as adults at risk, in the sport of golf.  This will be achieved through the unique partnership which has the ability to influence and act as an advocate for safeguarding across the golfing landscape.    Members of the GSAG include; Golf Union of Wales, The Professional Golfers’ Association, England Golf, Ladies European Tour and The Golf Foundation.

**Golf Union of Wales is also a member of GSAG Case Management Group.  The CMG is made up of independent members who are volunteers with relevant safeguarding management experience and expertise, as well as the relevant lead officer from each member organisation.  The primary role of the CMG is to offer advice and guidance in relation to safeguarding concerns and cases and to support the relevant member Golf organisations’ Safeguarding Leads in carrying out their role and responsibilities.  When clubs refer any concerns or cases into Golf Union of Wales a uniformed decision can be made at the CMG and the club will be supported through the process.




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