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DBS Recruitment of Staff and Volunteers

It is important that clubs and counties make sure that those working with children are suitable to do so. The Guidelines for Safeguarding Children in Golf contain guidance on the safe recruitment and golf clubs and counties are strongly recommended to follow the advice, which is available www.childreningolf.org

Sian Simmons, Golf Develoment Wales may also offer advice, call 01633 436040.

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority in December 2012, to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  The DBS provides access to criminal and Police Records for employers so that they may make decisions about the suitability of individual members of staff and volunteers to work with children and vulnerable adults in specific roles.

The DBS also makes decisions regarding whether a person should be barred from working with children.  In the case of some criminal convitions, that will lead to the guilty person being automatically barred from working with children, in other cases the DBS has to make a risk assessment decision.  They also make decisions where there has been no criminal convition, but there is sufficient information and grounds to warrant their decision.

The DBS produces "disclosures" for applicants working in "regulated activities" (see DBS Q&As section), which contain information about criminal convictions, cautions and in some individual's risk to children to be made.  It also states whether the individual has been barred from working with children.

What checks should golf clubs make on staff and volunteers now?

Checking someone’s criminal record is only one aspect of good recruitment practice - it doesn’t necessarily tell you whether there have been concerns about the person before that have not resulted in a Police caution or a conviction. For example, Vanessa George had a clear DBS check. Clubs should therefore not solely rely on DBS checks, but also take up references and make other background checks on staff and volunteers.

Clubs should continue to obtain DBS disclosures for staff and volunteers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults as a regular part of their duties.

Advice on good practice in checking the suitability of individuals to work with children can be found at www.childreningolf.org and within the Guidelines for Safeguarding Children in Golf.


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