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Golf Xtreme is an adapted, fun, easy to use, exciting version of the golf game and is all designed with the 11 to 15 year old in mind – the boy and girl who’s outgrown Tri-Golf.

Golf Xtreme combines some of the best parts of the traditional sport – hitting balls a long way at interesting targets – with scoring systems you can create yourself, team games which include everyone and keep you fit, and, important safety considerations for both teachers and pupils.

Golf Xtreme will excite teenagers, lay the foundations of a good golf game, and keep him/her active and enthused.

Please contact us via the contact us page for more details and visit the Davis Sport Website to purchase the equipment.


Training to use this equipment is available for teachers (3hrs) by contacting the Golf Development Wales team and for volunteers or coaches by attending the Junior Leader workshop (6hrs).

Video Demonstartions of Golf Xtreme
Video Demo Golf Xtreme

These can be found on the Golf Development Wales Junior Golf Guide website in the Exercises and Games section of the website.

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